Thursday, October 30, 2014

Saturday's Recycled Art Market Kicks Off Season

It's the beginning of craft show season, and kicking it off, is our favorite show of the season, the Recycled Art Market at City High/Middle.

I will be there showing with ScrappyLynn, showcasing some favorite pieces: bird ornaments, cat nip mice, mittens and slippers — all made from sweater scraps!
It costs $1 to enter the show (to benefit the school's PTA) an the show runs from 9 am to 4 pm. Snack and lunch will be available for purchase. It's the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your holiday shopping with something recycled and unique!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unburying History

It's the week of Halloween, and all the reference to ghost and ghouls has me thinking about Grand Rapids' ghosts. More accurately, Grand Rapids' history.

Back in September, I went on a tour of Fulton Street Cemetery. The tour was put on by the Grand Rapids Historical Society and led by Tom Dilley. Not unlike the tour I took in 2012 of Oak Hill Cemetery.

Fulton Street Cemetery is the city's oldest cemetery and sits at Eastern and Fulton, at what was originally the Eastern boundary of the city. The tours draw a considerably large crowd and reveal fascinating stories about some of the city's oldest residents. 

It was an amazing day for a stroll and Dilley amazes the crowd with his knowledge of Grand Rapids notables, including, at this cemetery, John Ball.  

To learn more about the city through it's cemeteries, check out the Art of Memory, written by Dilley himself. The GR Historical Society will most likely do more tours next summer, I highly advise checking one out!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Burger of the Week #184

Sock it to Me. Found these burger beauties at Powell Books in Portland, Oregon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Burger of the Week #183

The sweetest, scariest sweater on the block: The Flying Burger People Eater Sweater.
One scary burger is too subtle for you? Mix it up with the Aaaahh Monster top.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Majestic Westside

Why don't people talk about how pretty Oregon is?
I was there a few weeks ago for a Cushe photoshoot, and every shot was stunning, every angle was jaw-dropping and every turn was unexpected.
We started our journey in Bend, Oregon, where we got to experience Oregon's rugged side and dramatic terrain. Bend is a hub for outdoor adventurers, and while my job had me behind the camera arranging shoes and positioning props, I did get a chance to try paddle-boarding for the first time. And what a scene it was.

Devil's Lake, Bend, Oregon 
The road then took us through the Mount Hood National Forest, into Portland and on to the coast. And while the weather was less than ideal, the shots were striking and the lighting magical.

Shorty's beach near Manzanita, Oregon
Even though I'd been to Oregon twice as a kid, I was blown away by it's theatrical beauty. It's amazing how you notice different angles and viewpoints when you become an adult.
I'm thankful not only that I love my job, but also that it gives me the opportunity to go to these places.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Burger of the Week #182

That's right... this vegetarian is bacon. God, the internet is amazing.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Apple's Dirty Little Secret

In the mid-'80s, Apple dared to show the fashion world a few things. Called "The Apple Collection" this wardrobe of oversized sweatshirts and neon tracksuits (perfect for "after a day of windsurfing") is absolutely priceless and jaw-dropping. 

[Ha— The kid on the left knows what's up, and he isn't having any of it!]

It's a long way from the modern, minimalist designs (and the black turtlenecks) that have made Apple so iconic today. I think it's clear, why the people who engineer computers, don't also design clothing...

Fall: Summer's Parting Gift

There's no denying it's Fall. It's hard to say goodbye to Summer, especially knowing what's coming, but perfect Fall days make it a little easier—they're like Summer's parting gifts.

We had ourselves an exceptionally Fall Fall day at Fallasburg Festival in Lowell a few weeks ago. A beautiful day of of crafts, shopping, cider, dumplings, chili and sweet annie.

Sweet Annie is something I've only ever come across at Fallasburg Festival. It's a plant that has tiny yellow, dusty flowers and smells potently of.... a sage like scent. According to it is an "annual herb, native to southeastern Europe, northern Africa, and Iran, is a favorite of crafters in this country for its versatility and sweet, lingering fragrance."
People go to Fallasburg specifically to get sweet annie. Why we've seen it no where else is a mystery as they couldn't make bunches fast enough to sell!

Personally though, I go to Fallasburg for the cider and the crafts. And this years artisans were stand-out fantastic. Nothing inspires me to shop more, than a unique, well-done, handmade item. Now if only I had the foresight to Christmas shop for others rather than treat myself!