Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[Finally] Introducing the new

Some of you may recall when I posted this message on my website with the acknowledgment that the site was outdated and the solemn promise to update it within 3 years (before August 24, 2015). 

I know three years is a long time, especially by web standards. I gave myself three years, partly in jest, and partly because I know personal projects tend to get back-burnered. And there's nothing quite like procrastination...

But a deadline is always good, and I was happy (and relieved) to finally push my new site out a whole month before it was overdue*. Complete with a new unique mobile version.**

So this is the new
A site where I can hopefully feature new work in a timely fashion, reveal personal details about myself, and direct traffic to fascinating blog posts such as this one. 

I made the site using Adobe Muse. Which promised to be user-friendly and no-brainer for anyone who knows InDesign. I don't know that I'd justify those claims, but I think it did allow me more freedom than my otherwise outdated HTML skills would support. I also used a template from Muse Frame, which included a variety of scripts and widgets that I wouldn't have been to create on my own. 

Overall, I still found the process to be extremely finicky, and I don't know that I'd recommend Muse to new web designers. Still in search of the ideal web software for me, I have pre-ordered PageCloud, which I hope will be a game-changer, and I intend to implement a mini-relaunch when that becomes available this fall. 

So, feel free to head on over to the new and peruse recent work and my random musings. 

And, as this is a constant work-on-progress and still in testing mode, please let me know if you notice anything alarming!

I'll just be here, designing. Cheers!

*(yeah, yeah, i know it was about four years overdue)
**my old site was built entirely in flash and therefore couldn't be viewed on mobile or a tablet. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Burger of the Week #223

I love these DIY necklaces from Studio DIY. These friendship bracelet ideas from the Polymer Clay Cookbook are adorable and inspired. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Burger of the Week #222

It's my birthday week. So I'm celebrating with S'more Burgers. That's right, marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched together on a donut.

Where could something this mini and adorable and donuty be from. Of course! Aww.Sam. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bonus: S'moreman Swoon.

Gotta follow up yesterday's post because this was on today. Swoon.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sugar Coated Christmas (in July)

This weekend's trip across the state, included a stop in Frankenmuth – Home of Bronner's – "World's Largest Christmas Store." 

It was here that I fell in love with this little s'more man.
We were about to go camping, we were at a giant Christmas store— this seemed like the perfect embodiment of the weekend ahead!

I turned the corner, to discover a whole army of s'more men! From skiers to fisherman, bakers to ballerinas. They were adorable, and boy, did they know it!

I was completely smitten with the talking s'mores. I'm wonder if I'm having a subconscious reaction based on my love of the Calvin and Hobbes snowmen

There's something about marshmallows that immediately sends me to a happy place. Sugar. That you can roast over a fire. 

And clearly this is what Christmas is about. Sugar. With a sense of humor. 

I don't put up a Christmas tree, but someday. Someday I will have my own army.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Burger of the Week #221

Because sometimes when we're texting... we get hungry. 

In a Big Company... It's the Little Things

“Nothing at Facebook is someone else’s problem.” 
What a beautiful idea.

Caitlin Winner, design manager at Facebook, undertook the task of updating Facebook's profile icons. It was a self-initiated project, that started when Winner noticed a divet in the shoulder of the original women icon.

Struck by inspiration, (and possibly a little bit of obsession), Winner set about fixing the shoulder, which spiraled into creating a new set of icons. She sent the new drawings out to the team, unsure if she was stepping on any toes, before long, the icons began updating and appearing within the Facebook platform.

These are subtle changes, that probably seem frivolous to most Facebook users, but when interpreted, they actually modernize Facebook.

Having worked in corporate, I'm familiar with a world that involves meetings, deliberations and committees, and takes months to accomplish inconsequential change. I'm impressed with Facebook for how seamlessly this was implemented.
It shows what can happen when people are empowered to make decisions and process change. I applaud Winner for being self-motivated and having the foresight to take on a project without being asked. And those around her, for not holding up the process, for taking it, and not sitting on it, but pushing it forward.

It is rare that people are invigorated with the spirit to not respond "not my problem" when an error is brought to their attention. This is a bad habit that human beings have adopted, not only at work but in life, and the world. 

If a company can inspire a work culture where people are inspired to initiate their own projects, it is possible for simple ideas to become reality and often with relatively little effort and time lost.

For more on the concept of meeting less and working more, check out Jason Fried's TED Talk on Why Work Doesn't Happen at Work.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Plea to the Kremnut

Stumbled across this little creme-filled gem yesterday while in Detroit's Greektown....
Krema opened in February, by the owners of Greektown's Astoria Pastry Shop, at 531 Monroe, just a few doors down Astoria itself. They serve cream-filled and traditional Greek pastries (krema = cream in Greek) AND gelato! I also had what could possibly be the best Chai latte* I've ever had.
What will win you over the second you walk through the door, is the rows of original Kremnuts. Part croissant, part donut, each flavor is filled with a different filling. They're beautiful and intriguing. It's sounds like a variation on the infamous Cronut.

Now, I've never had a cronut (which has been trademarked by Dominique Ansel). The one time I tried, they had sold out hours earlier that morning. Screw getting up early and traipsing across NYC to wait in line, you can have a Kremnut any time in Detroit's Greektown—no line.** The Kremnut is hands-down better than any donut I've had in Grand Rapids.

In short, I would like Krema to be my neighbor. This little Greek Patisserie would definitely fill a void in Grand Rapids.

*I figured out there's fresh pressed gingered infused in their Chai concentrate. I  Ginger. 
**Well not at midnight, when the Rolling Stones concert ends, because Krema closes at 11pm.